Keco Manufacturing and Brands

Keco Manufacturing and Brands

Keco Manufacturing and Brands

Keco Manufacturing and Brands

Keco Manufacturing and Brands

Keco Manufacturing is a full-service contract manufacturer providing engineering and production solutions for companies worldwide
Keco Body Repair Products is the industry leader in non-invasive dent and collision repair tools
Keco Training provides GPR and PDR training on-site and in our training facilities located in Peterborough, UK and Oklahoma City, US

Keco Tabs services the Collision and PDR industries with worldwide distribution of GPR and PDR tools


Keco was founded by the Keister brothers as an injection molded plastics manufacturer specializing in component parts for OEMs across a wide breadth of industries. The name KECO originated as an acronym for the Keister Company. The first production facility opened near downtown Oklahoma City at 1640 W. Main Street.


Keco acquired Plastics Plus—a leading manufacturer of plastic plant saucers. Keco launched the Rhino Saucers brand of high-strength plant saucers marking the company’s first step into manufacturing, marketing and distribution of branded products.


The company moved the manufacturing facilities and offices to a new facility with double the space and expanded production capacities .


Keco was purchased by Chris White who served as the general manager since 2000. Chris began his career with Keco in 1994 as an engineer.


The aggressive growth plan Chris established in 2004 resulted in the business doubling in size with an expanded contract manufacturing presence.


Customer bid out business and Keco lost 30% of revenue.


Keco partnered with an energy company, providing full-service engineering, manufacturing and distribution. This was the catalyst that provided the necessary experience for Keco expand its portfolio of branded products.


The assortment of branded product expanded rapidly with products such as golf tees, golf balls, aviation service equipment and plastic hail tabs—what would go on to become Keco’s signature item.


Hail tabs became the number one selling Keco branded item, paving the way for what would eventually become Keco’s most influential product line. Keco engineered and launched the innovative SuperTabs®, the first large surface glue tab capable of removing large dents.


Keco acquired Roberts Step-Lite, a specialty manufacturer of custom architectural lighting solutions. The acquisition strengthened Keco’s mechanical design and engineering capabilities necessary to further expand both contract manufacturing and branded product development.


The Robo® Mini Dent Lifter was launched. This lifter, when combined with Keco’s glue tabs, pioneered a non-invasive method of dent repair which came to be known as glue pull repair (GPR).


Launched the Centipede® Crease tabs—Keco’s flagship line of glue pull tabs designed to further expand on the capabilities of the GPR system.


The introduction of the K-Bar® and K-Beam® lifters added additional functionality to the Keco GPR system now capable of repairing large damage to vehicles providing a non-invasive repair solution ideal for collision shops. This brought about the launch of Keco Body Repair Products—a spin-off company focused on innovative solutions for the collision repair industry.


GPR training facility and headquarters for Keco Body Repair Products opened with a focus on providing transformative training to dent and collision repair technicians.

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