Contract Manufacturing

Unique Turn Key Capabilities

KECO is not an ordinary molder. We have worked hard to position our organization as a
valuable extension to OEM’s in specialty markets.

Need product design help?

We have over 50 years of product design experience on staff in Oklahoma City, with special expertise in metal-to-plastic part conversion.

Require engineering assistance?

In-house plastics and mechanical engineers are at your service for a full turn-key design.

Want prototypes or tooling in a hurry?

We can help on that as well.  Our in-house Tool Shop shortens lead times and accelerates project completion. We are even experts in short production runs.

Are your parts complex?

The KECO Operations team specializes in:

  • Mold assembly
  • Over-molding
  • Insert molding

Our Engineering team gives us the ability to make all the parts, not just the easy ones.

Need parts made in a unique material?

KECO specializes in unique Engineering Materials and a wide range of Engineering Resins.

Have parts that require high tonnage molding?

Yes, that’s in our wheelhouse. Our capacity ranges from 28 tons to 1100 tons.

Full Contract Manufacturing

We’ve developed our business beyond the typical injection molder and offer, with capability in:

Supply Chain Management
Mechanical Assembly
Metals, Plastics and Electronics Integration

Logistical/Fulfillment Support

Our skills in this unique area include:

  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Drop Shipping
    (Small Parcel to Truckload)
  • Freight Coordination
    (From One Location to 1,000 sites)

These are all services we provide, among many others, to aid and assist our manufacturing partners in production. If it helps our customers, we think it’s worthy of a conversation.

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