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The story of KECO is about the relentless pursuit of service and the incredible effort expended to indoctrinate this philosophy into every person. Our story is more than people and sites: it is centered on offering measurable value to the OEMs in specialized industries that came to us seeking partnerships in plastic part production.

In 1963 KECO became one of the very first custom injection molders in Oklahoma. We set up our facility in what we thought were spacious quarters west of downtown at 1640 West Main Street. KECO thrived in this location and enjoyed serving a multitude of customers from this site. In 1999 we moved to our present location, 8100 SW 15th Street in western Oklahoma City. The 65,000 square foot building on the six acres of land seemed big enough to house our efforts for the very long term. A series of interesting events caused us to re-think those feelings of contentment.

In 2004 Chris White purchased the company from its current owner. KECO was Chris’ first home after graduation from college. A lifelong entrepreneur, Chris aspired to business ownership from a very early age. The new ownership injected great energy and vitality into the organization and generated a stretch of incredible growth and revenue. This growth also ushered in a corporate philosophy of diversification. A strategy to design, manufacture and distribute products made by KECO and sold by KECO was implemented. It was at this point that the world renowned paintless dent repair (PDR) brand, KECOtabs, was introduced to provide technicians with the highest quality plastic glue pulling tabs and tools. A heavy-duty line of plant saucers and caddies under the Rhino brand soon followed. 2011 witnessed the addition of the Architectural Low Voltage Lighting manufacturer Roberts Step- Lite Systems. RSL had been a KECO customer for many years and was an opportunity too valuable to pass up. Diversification of the business model led to a diversification of positions at KECO. White handpicked people to lead key elements of the business, including product design, engineering, customer service, sales and marketing. The fundamental characteristic in each person added was a “customer –first” attitude, augmented by an extremely developed competency in his or her field of specialty.

All these additions and changes made things a little cramped at KECO. We rang in 2013 with a much needed 18,000 square foot warehouse, giving KECO 83,000 total square footage. This new building gave us the freedom and flexibility to add to the suite of services we offer to our contract manufacturing customers by offering warehousing, fulfillment, and other key elements of supply chain management.

Our organization continues to grow, mature and evolve to meet the desires and requirements of doing business in an extremely competitive and challenging industry. We’re not ordinary, and we intentionally choose to do business with OEM’s that are as unique and special as us. KECO has never been shy about adding resources that contribute value to the organization or to our customers. Our teams of Design/Engineering, Customer Service, Mold Repair and Logistics are second to none and continue to be refined and reapplied in areas that contribute to our cardinal principal of serving our customer.